Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 8 - Posture Clinics Done!!

Week 8 was all about finishing up posture clinics (26 postures). I delivered the last 6 postures this week! Lots of prep on the weekend and cramming big time! Dinner was a smoothie in one hand and the dialogue book in is Thursday and WOW! It was an amazing experience to be able to deliver Spine Twist. This was a posture that I didn't have time to learn (we were up til 4:30am last night due to a lecture and movie night - Mahabharat). Off of mere 3 hours of sleep (more like a cat nap), I memorized as much as I could. My favorite line is "coccyx to the neck, joints of each and every vertebrae and cartilage supposed to twist like a pearl necklace." It was really great to put everything I had into the last line - "TWIST, AND TWIST, AND TWIST, THE LAST CHANCE - TWIST!!!!" I bellowed it as much as I could. Who cares about going off the top! It was very emotional and lots of tears were flowing around.

We've accomplished sooo much during the past 8 weeks. Now we get to enjoy the yoga classes, lectures, talent show and graduation ceremony!!! The real fun begins when I see how much dialogue my brain has retained and teach a REAL class. YAY!

I'm so excited about my accomplishment that I'm going to celebrate by....going to bed. :)

-Pic of Stephan in his yoga outfit. They enforced the posture clinic dress code so Stephan threw off his clothes right before delivering his posture!
-Joseph (staff) trying to distract a girl delivering her dialogue. When you are really good at it, they challenge you!
-More posture clinic pics