Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unemployment sucks

I have been denied Unemployment Benefits ...once again (*sigh*). This would be the second time they have sent me a letter stating that my status as an unemployed person is in question and they need 4-6 weeks to investigate my case. During ths time, no phone calls please. I sit and wait once again. This time, a red flag was raised when I switched from filing as an employee to self-employed. I had been filing incorrectly and didn't know it. As soon as something changes, the 10 page forms, questionnaires and letters start appearing in the mail. I feel like I'm committing a crime for trying to get $ that belongs to me in my account! To quote one of my girlfriends, "I'M SICK OF IT!!!"
This time, I put all of my facts and experiences in a document and emailed it out to the local news stations and newspapers, hoping they will investigate the Unemployment Dept. to figure out why they are so inefficient, unorganized and just plan stupid.

-penniless once again