Thursday, June 11, 2009

Week 6 (I'm behind)

Hi, there!
It's been awhile. Week 6 was a killer for me, both physically and mentally. We did posture clinics 7 hours a day (usually it's 3 hours a day) in order to catch up on the postures. So we didn't have any lectures and everybody walked around the hotel like zombies reciting dialogue to themselves. Even I joined the party. I'd say dialogue to myself while in the shower, walking from point A to point B, in my sleep...the hotel guests must be entertained with 300 people talking to themselves, not to mention, watching us break out into postures in the hallways (we have to practice with real bodies). One girl in my group was asked by a hotel guest if she was trying to learn English. ha!

We completed 6 postures during week 6. that's alot. I had to cram a posture and be able to deliver it in 1 1/2 hours. More people that were rock stars (meaning they always nailed dialogue) were blanking while in mid presentation. I also blanked and was in tears when I couldn't understand why my brain was not functioning. It went on strike and told me that it wouldn't cooperate unless it got some zzzzz's. I found out that all of this was normal and part of the "process" (ahhh, "Trust the Process"
is hammered into our brains).

Physically, I felt like I was falling apart...left hip tight and makes a rather loud cracking noise, trapezius muscles tight, right leg muscle pulled, hamstrings as tight as a wire, vocal quads that scream at me during class.....yup, my body is feeling it. I just ignore it and push myself as best as I can during class.

In conclusion, week 6 was by far the toughest week I've been through. WHEW boy am I glad I survived! ("I'm in Indian boot camp - get me outta here!!!")

posture clinic pics (what else)?
catching up on zzz's every minute we can...
me delivering a posture...
socializing during break...