Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Week 9 and I'm doing fine...

Wow. It's weird to have a weekend where you aren't stressing about dialogue! Last weekend I went out for dinner (see pic), hung out at the Spa Pool, napped, got my hair cut...It was great!

It's week 9 and I am ready to go home! I awoke Monday morning and felt like I had been crushed by a monster truck! I had one of my worst classes, physically speaking. Mostly my knees have given out. Let's just say that I can't do the 2nd part of Awkward and it used to be one of my favorite postures! If I see a $20 on the floor, I'm leavin' it cuz if I crouch down, I won't be able to get back up!!! :)

We have lectures and yoga classes for the rest of the week. More on the postures and corrections and stuff. For some reason, I am nodding off (and getting caught!) during lectures now...it's all catching up on me.

More to report soon....!