Friday, June 26, 2009

97 classes done!

They said that Week 9 would be a "party week." We are finding out that people's definition of "party" varies. Tuesday was another late night showing of Mahabharat - this time we set a new record of staying up til 5:30am! It's odd when birds greet you on your way back to your room for a cat nap before getting up in a few hours. On Wed, we had Craig lecture about teaching your first class. He is a pretty funny and entertaining guy. Bikram followed by going through each of the postures to discuss the benefits and corrections. No movie night on Wed, and we managed to get back to our rooms at 2:30am. Oh, and sleep deprivation was catching up so there were some people that signed in, and left during a lecture break. Bikram was saying that he wasn't going to let them graduate. But last night they announced that they would - imagine the last 2 days of training and you don't get certified!

Last night (Thurs) was our last lecture! In keeping with the spirt of things, it was long. We had another showing of the Mahabharat (everybody groaning). The sleep police were out so we had to sit in our chair "spine straight" position. It was painful. Thankfully, we got out at a decent time (3:00am).

Today is FRIDAY and the last day of training!!! Rajashree taught morning class and I surprisingly had energy to get through it. I enjoy her classes...they are meditative and challenging. Tonight we have a talent show so my bf and I are going to that. :)
He's also taking his very first Bikram class tonight! YAY!

Fav quotes of the week:
"A negative attitude is 9 times more powerful than a positive one." (Bikram)
"There is no such thing as a 'hamstring' - that is like pig. It's supposed to be tricep of the thigh muscle." (Bikram)
"When teaching your first class, close your eyes during Triangle." (Lynn)
(In trying to say "scholarship," Bikram was saying, "collar...collarship.") Everybody laughed and he said, "How do I know? I learn English in Hollywood!"