Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week 4 - Done and Over With!!!

Wow, I was sure excited when I typed the Title of this blog. Week 4 done, we are almost at the halfway point!!! HOORAY!!! I'm jumping for joy because the sleep deprivation doesn't jive with me. For those that know me, I have two very basic needs in life: 1) SLEEP 2) EAT

After that, I don't need anything else. I've been making up for the first basic need by doing more of the second. I'm sure my roomie loves images of me walking into our room and me grabbing the nearest chocolate type substance and going to town until I'm just left with chocolate remnants on my fingers and mouth. It's a lovely sight.

To continue from my earlier Week 4 blog...remember that Tues was movie night until 4:30am, Wed was movie night til 2:30am and again Thurs night til 2:30am. I really try hard to sleep on the hard floor but somehow I can't get comfortable to sleeping on concrete stone. My joints don't like it very much. You see, when the lights go out and movie starts, bodies hit the floor for some good sleeping space. I manage to get a spot...and then toss and turn, which to me is a waste of floor space. My roomie, however, has no problems and is typically the one snoring up a storm. She has the thick thermarest chair that rolls out into a "bed." I'm jealous. All I have is my hotel pillow and blanket from home. (I told my bf this already) One time, I was shutting my eyes tight hoping to conk out...and when I realized I wasn't hitting REM anytime, I opened my eyes to find a rather large man's butt 2 inches away from my face! AHK!!! Scary mental picture I'm trying to erase from my mind.

Oh, and to make matters better...I came down with a cold on Thursday. I was miserable. I've been popping throat drops like candy. Dr. T recommended a Vit C drink that I've been making that supposedly cures evils like the common cold. It's lemon, ice and blueberries. You remove the yellow part of the lemon, chop up the rest and throw it into a blender w/the rest of the ingredients.

On Friday night, we got let go early from posture clinic at 10pm!!! It was tooo goood to be true. An hour of freedom! yay! During PM Yoga, we had a senior teacher from Texas. She was all about the "YEE HAAW" sit up. At the end of class, she played Bikram's techno hit and said we had to spring off of our mats and dance because it was Friday night. YOGA RAVE! All I have to say is that I wish I had my camera with me.

On that note, I'm off to study for another anatomy test tomorrow and more postures! Until next time...

*Funny Bikram story of the week*
During the middle of class, Bikram looks at a girl that has a tattoo of Chinese characters on her arm. He said, "Why does white girl have chinese character on arm? You like Chinese shit?! Chinese have small balls. I have atom balls! Chinese only good for fixing shoes and laundry!"

(pic of me and Hannah from England before yoga class)