Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week 4 - continued

For some reason, they don't offer free therapists here. Wouldn't that be a great idea? Instead, most of the control you normally have is taken away from you so you learn to roll with the punches. It's like someone telling you to ride a roller coaster without a seat belt. The recurring theme here is "Trust the process." So my therapy is to "communicate" (I'm using a nice word) through this blog.

So today is Wed (Sammie's favorite day - Hump Day). When the alarm went off at 7:30AM this morning, I awoke 90% zombie, 10% human. My instinct for Tues night was night. We weren't released until 4:30AM (um, gotta think, that would be Wed!). Needless to say, morning yoga at 8:30AM was tough. I didn't have a rock star class and was fine with that. I, along, with the rest of the class, were a bunch of yawning half moons. Thank the yoga gods that I finished. After class, I was even more sleepier! Zzzzzz......(I know this blog is putting you to sleep). Ahhh...I love 3 hours of sleep!

We had anatomy class w/Dr. T in the afternoon. For some odd reason, they found out how to turn on the AC and it was a wind tunnel in the lecture room! I even ran up to get my polar fleece jacket. Such an day it's 189 degrees and the next it's 52 degrees. Dr. T let us go a half hour early (he felt sorry for us - what a nice guy).

Evening yoga class was taught by Bikram. It's the first time he taught since he's been away for a week. He was in his usual form. Get this - my group had to be on rows 1 & 2! Right in front of Bikram. So, there I was on row 1, staring at myself in the mirror for the first time. The mirror makes you look stubby. Reminds me of a circus mirror. Let's just say that you don't take shortcuts or half ass postures when Bikram is teaching because he will call you out and make you do it by yourself in front of everybody. Today, he yelled out, "I HATE LAZY PEOPLE!" and made us do 3 sets of balancing stick. Wobbily hamstrings 'r us! He only told me to push harder in half moon and left me alone (thank yoga gods once again).

Tonight we have posture clinic at 9:00PM and then a Bikram lecture / possibly movie night at 11:30PM. If we do movie night two nights in a row, I'm going to...oh..i don't know...feeling morbid so will stop here.

On a tangent, Keri (blog friend that inspired me to do this blog) referred me to a gal at KOMO news that was interviewing bloggers. I chatted with her today and she said that my story may be published on the KOMO website. Yay. Fun. I'll send the link if I get famous. :)