Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 4 (Monday only)

It's almost midnight on Monday and I just got out of posture clinic and settled into my PJ's (ah! PJ's are heavenly!) I thought I would do a quick post since I was on the web.

Today's first anatomy test went well. I think pretty much everybody passed. You'd have to miss like 17 out of 50 questions to fail. I missed 5 so I was happy about that. I'm more concerned about memorizing and delivering the dialogue. Tonight, I delivered Eagle on stage w/the mic (again). That's me in the shorts - not a great angle but my camera woman was sitting on the right side of the room. My critique was understandable. A senior teacher guy said I had a good voice and projection but I should play w/being more commanding since I had the dialogue down already. Honestly, after waiting in line for an hour, I just wanted to spit it out and get off stage! It was late and I was tired. Maybe it was the Monday blues. We had a packed day today....AM yoga was really really really hard! During triangle, I felt like I was going to fall on my face and pass out. I fought so hard to make the stars go away and managed to get through the entire class. It was TOUGH. I heard a big "thump" and a girl close to me had fainted. Another girl was crying. Come to find out that the temp was turned up ten degrees today. I guess it's a Week 4 thing. The PM class was much more bearable (I went early and got a space to the left, not in front of the podium so there was some sort of breeze coming through). Even if it's a hot breeze, I'll take it!

Bikram hasn't made his appearance but I have a gut feeling that tomorrow will be bollywood movie night! So pretty much yoga, anatomy class, yoga, posture clinic and movie night til 3am. CAN'T WAIT!!!! :)

pic 1 - me delivering Eagle (I'm in the shorts)
pic 2 - me doing Eagle after delivering it