Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of my favorite cartoons when I was little was He-Man and his sidekick, She-Ra, Princess of Power. She-Ra could kick some ass! She had bulging muscles that any boy would envy. When I complete training, my goal is to become Wen-Ra.

Not really.

But I sure felt like it when I was at Super Supplements walking around with an entire basket full of electrolyte pills, cytomax powder, vanilla protein powder, potassium/vitamin c fizzy powder, female multi-vitamins, protein bars and tea tree oil (can't remember why this jumped into my basket...don't think it's edible). I usually go to this store to get foo foo things like organic peach hand lotion. There I was, little weak me peering up at gigantic tubs of models showing off their bronzed rock hard chests. It was enough to make a pre-pubescent boy blush. When I was checking out, I felt the need to blurt out to the 18 year old cashier, "I'm really not trying to get buff. I'm just going to yoga training!"

All of these supplements are mandatory if I want to survive the double yoga classes each day. I'd hate to faint and be carried out of class. Those days of being carried out (umm...from bars) were back in my 20's and should remain that way. :)