Thursday, October 15, 2009

things you miss out on when you sit in a cubicle...

Below are some of the things you just can't do when you spend 90% of the day in a cubicle...

1. Watch Ellen Degeneris dance on TV (not recorded, live!).
2. Go to bed late, sleep in.
3. Get the latest scoop on Conan's feud with Corey Booker, Jersey mayor (again, live TV).
4. Greet the lawn guy/US postal guy/FedEx guy and actually see what he looks like.
5. Make breakfast for lunch.
6. Go to yoga whenever you want! (bonus)
7. Make friends with the housewives at Michael's on a Monday afternoon.
8. Go to the dog park during the middle of the day and have your dogs think you rented the place out.
9. Make time for hobbies you never had time for like baking and making jewelry.
10. Read facebook updates from those stuck in a cubicle and think, "Thank god that's not me!"