Thursday, May 7, 2009

PBA (Peanut Butter Addict)

I like peanut butter. But I've never been a PBA (Peanut Butter Addict) until now. The past few weeks have been filled with so much stuff that my sole comfort has been my jar of crunchy Skippys peanut butter. During lunch and dinner breaks (and even at 3am in the morning after a Bollywood night), I grab a plastic knife, my jar of Skippys and go to town. PB tastes great with everything...trail mix, mixed nuts, bread, pretzels. Anything that can be dipped into PB is bound to be delicious! Maybe I am a PBA because it is my way of dealing with all of the emotional and physical stuff that's going on right now with training. Here is a taste of the daily schedule:

We start the day with a 8:30am yoga class (you have to sign in at 8:00am). Class is 90 min.

Line up to get small portions of grub (I call it 'leftover conference food' from the companies that have meetings here)

We have class in a small, cramped, extra hot room from noon til 4:00pm or so.

We get a little bit of time to go up to our rooms and change for the evening class.

Bikram teaches the 5:00pm class so you better be sure that you are putting in 110% bengal tiger strength into your postures or else he will make you do it in front of the entire class! (savasana is laying on your wet towel listening to bikram's greatest hits)

We get about an hour to grab something quick to eat. Let's just say that I can't remember the last time I had cereal for dinner.

We meet once again at 9:00pm and listen to Bikram's lecture. He likes to talk so who knows what time we call it quits for the day. On average, we get done around midnight. On a "lucky" day, we watch a Bollywood Indian flick until 3:30am in the morning (I pretty much want to commit murder when the alarm goes off at 7am the next day).

(Get up and do it all again the next day!)

So that pretty much explains why I seek comfort in my Skippys. I'll have to write them a letter giving them kudos for getting me through the first two weeks of Indian boot camp.

Enjoy the pics!
pic 1 - bikram checking out his new whip (SLK 550). he took it around the block and it made me miss my car (my super cool black infiniti G37!).
pic 2 - bikram in his comfy chair critiquing half moon
pic 3 - walking to your room after yoga class. ah, what bliss!
pic 4 - lecture room. it's 105 today and it gets to be 120 in there!