Monday, April 27, 2009


Day 1 was spent a few hours at the pool...visiting the Starbucks in the hotel lobby multiple times...attending orientation (I learned there are 320 people) and meeting my roomie! My roomie is from San Diego. She's cool. She brought a bunch of food so we grazed all night long. Here is a pic of the Chilean flamingos in front of the hotel (Marriott). The flamingos get their pink coloring from their diet of algae and small animals that feed on the algae such as shrimp, mollusks, and insect larvae. When I first saw them, I asked the taxi driver, "Are those real?" I've only seen flamingos at the zoo.

Getting into my room was an ordeal today. Imagine 320 people trying to check into their rooms. Orientation was good. We heard from senior teachers and Rajashree. She advised us to live in the present moment and not anticipate anything. Bikram wasn't there but his daughter said a few words on stage. Bikram will be here tomorrow.

Internet rates are crazy (a mandatory $500 deposit which you don't get back). I'm going to try and use my roomie's wireless. Hopefully all works well in cyberspace!

Tomorrow's morning yoga was cancelled so we just have one class - yipee!